Virtual Outreach Support Program

The current COVID-19 pandemic has required many of our parishes and church organizations to close temporarily to their adherents or to drastically reduce their in-person activities. In response, we have seen a significant increase in the on-line activities and virtual presence of our Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (UOCC) and its parts.

In support of these on-line initiatives, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada Foundation (UOCCF) has launched the Virtual Outreach Support Program. The program will provide funding of up to $2,000 per parish or official UOCC organization at the local, eparchial, or national level for activities and equipment required to launch an on-line presence or to improve the effectiveness of existing virtual activities. Initiatives that the program will support may include:
• the purchase and installation of audio-visual equipment to allow a parish to begin or continue recording services or other activities;
• the purchase and installation of equipment required to allow livestreaming of religious services;
• the purchase and installation of equipment required to allow for virtual meetings or other on-line activities, the goal of which is the continuation of operations and management or to remain connected with members;
• construction or alteration work to existing buildings or other physical infrastructure to allow for the installation of equipment indicated above;
• professional services required to create, update, or otherwise improve parish web sites, social media pages, or improve the effectiveness of other on-line activities;
• workshops, courses, seminars, or other meetings related to improving the effectiveness of the on-line presence of the parish or organization.

This program is intended to reimburse costs for activities and initiatives that respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Applications for funding should clearly explain how the expenditure fits within the program guidelines. For example, upgrades to audio- visual equipment in a parish auditorium will not be funded unless a clear case can be made that the changes will result in a more effective on-line presence.

The goal of this program is to reimburse expenditures that are one-time or of limited duration. On-going costs such as web-hosting expenses, service contracts, retainer fees for professional services, and so on are the responsibility of the parish or organization.

As this program is retroactive, any allowable expenses that parishes or church organizations have incurred since March 15, 2020 are eligible for funding. Copies of receipts for work already undertaken must be submitted with the application form.

Grant applications are available on our website If you have any questions, please direct them to